Principles upon which the curriculum is based                           
Cherry Fields is committed to developing a love of learning through a curriculum which is inspiring and creative. If we enable our children to feel inspired by their learning experiences, they will want to engage in these learning experiences again and again.

Our curriculum will be based on three key drivers:

Basic skills - children will secure, retain and apply the skills of reading, communicating, writing and calculating to the highest standard.

Diversity - the curriculum is developed knowing that children learn best when actively engaged in the world around them. Our curriculum embraces equality and diversity; developing the school’s values, within a language rich and nurturing environment.

Enrichment - the curriculum will provide rich experiences for all children.

How you will ensure the affordability and value of your curriculum (including key financial health and efficiency metrics)

Cherry Fields will work collaboratively with other local GLF Schools to share staff and reduce costs. Within the first year of opening the Executive Deputy Headteacher will provide the PPA cover for the teacher in Reception. Within the nursery class the PPA will be covered by high quality TAs who work in the EYFS. The EYFS Leader will receive half a day cover and again this will be provided by the Executive Deputy Headteacher.

Leaders will benefit form GLF Teaching School training to develop SCITT mentor and assessor roles. This will enable the appointment of salaried and Fee funded trainees to provide succession planning in future years and a balanced manageable staffing budget.

Curriculum programme – the number of lessons scheduled for each subject and/or programme for KS1, KS2,

Key Stage 1 Key Stage 2
Subject/other activity Hours per week Subject/other activity Hours per week
English 7.5 English 7.5
Maths 5 Maths 6
Science 1 Science 1.5
Geography/History 1.5 Geography/History 1.5
PE 1.5 PE 2
Music 0.75 Music  0.75
Art  1.5 Art 1.5
DT 1 DT 1
    MFL (KS2) 0.75
Computing 1 Computing 1
Thrive/PSHE 0.5 Thrive 0.5
RE 0.75 RE 0.75
Assembly 1.25 Assembly 1.25
TOTAL 22 hours TOTAL  26 hours