At Cherry Fields, we will adopt a mastery approach in the teaching and learning of mathematics. The main aim of such an approach is to ensure that our children develop deep knowledge of mathematical concepts, so that those pupils beginning their education at school do not develop gaps in their learning over time.

Where a mastery approach is being taken, pupils progress through curriculum content at the same pace, although support/intervention is used to move groups of children on so that they are able to:

  • Grasp concepts and methods, e.g. through more varied use of practical equipment – in the case of lower attainers

  • Be challenged through exposure to greater depth in their learning, e.g. through tackling more complex problems in a different context - in the case of higher attainers/rapid graspers

As a result, differentiation is sometimes likely to appear more subtle than before, however, it should be noted that varied use of practical resources/models and images, plus questioning that requires deeper reasoning is used to ensure that all children are supported/challenged appropriately. Practise and consolidation play a central role in pupils’ learning experiences. Although the ‘pace’ in lessons may appear to be slow, this could mask development of deep understanding of mathematical concepts. Further challenge is provided to all children through use of problem solving, which may or may not be linked with a real-life context.