Coronavirus (COVID-19)

Following government announcements in June and July, all GLF’s schools are planning to reopen in September to all children and students.  

A copy of our Covid-19 Policy can be found below:Covid-19 Policy

The government has set out its expectations and guidance for schools operating from September, here: 

It applies to all primaries, secondaries and school-based nurseries.  


Taking into account the government’s advice and the need to balance the ongoing risks of Covid-19 against the importance of children returning to school, the Trust has agreed three key objectives to guide our planning: 


  • Maximising educational provision and opportunity in school, including provision for SEN children 

  • High expectations for blended and remote learning provision  

  • Putting in place effective but proportionate safety measures, following PHE and legal requirements 


During the summer term, all GLF schools have planned how they will deliver the best education provision while following the recommended safety precautions. They have developed detailed plans and risk assessments, and put in place practical measures to minimise the risks from Covid-19, including: 


  • Carefully limiting the mixing of students and staff through the use of separated groups (“bubbles”) 

  • Minimising contact between bubbles and external visitors in the way the school day is managed 

  • Prevention of contact with confirmed cases, and isolation of anyone with symptoms 

  • Rigorous hygiene and cleaning measures 

  • Consultation with Public Health England and Local Authorities if any positive cases are confirmed in school 

  • How they will respond to further national/local lockdowns, including the provision of remote learning 


These measures may mean changes to usual school routines, including: 


  • Adjustments to the timings of the school day and timetabling – however we expect all schools to provide a full-time education 

  • Changes to the provision of some subjects such as PE and music, and to wraparound care, extracurricular activities and trips 

  • Avoidance of any large gatherings such as assemblies, productions, sports fixtures and face-to-face parents’ evenings 

  • Adjustments to the provision of lunches and breaks – free school meals will still be provided but for others there may be limitations in catering provision, and many students may need to bring a packed lunch 

  • Changes to the way the school buildings are used – e.g. fixed classrooms, segregated play areas, designated toilet facilities, one-way systems 

  • Changes to uniform arrangements, especially PE kits 


Each school has planned to respond to their own local circumstances, and the specific measures relevant to your child will be communicated directly by your school. 


All parents are asked to pay particular attention to travel arrangements to and from school, to avoid public transport wherever possible, and to ensure they follow the latest government directions on the use of face coverings. You should also ensure that your child does not attend school if they are unwell or have any symptoms of Covid-19 as they will be sent home. 


This information is correct as of 21 August 2020. If you have any queries please contact your child's school in the normal way.