Executive Team

There is a myth that a MAT Board imposes upon schools in academy chains; not in GLF! The Headteachers and the Executive Team drive school improvement across the group and the Board provides advice, support and direction just as an effective governing body provides the same for its school.

GLF Schools has a leadership team known as the Executive Team which provides support to the leadership teams and local governing bodies of its academies.

Many small, new multi-academy trusts function by expanding the roles and responsibilities of the existing colleagues within their schools. At GLF, we believe that school staff should remain focused on their school so we have a team of dedicated professionals to provide advice, guidance and support in areas such as school improvement, school business management, finance, HR, behaviour support and recruitment.

The CEO and the Executive Team meet regularly to share information about schools and to plan enabling support programmes at the request of our Headteachers. The Heads' Forum meets monthly as it is our Headteachers that drive the direction of GLF Schools.



Jon Chaloner
Chief Executive Officer

Richard Evans
Head of School Improvement

Pippa Hearn
PA to the CEO

Sarah Lynagh
Business Support Manager

Maria Cicero-Scott
Head of HR & Recruitment

Luke Nicolaou
IT Director

Mark Leach
Projects Manager

Roger GLF

Roger Lowe
Chief Operating Officer