Joining GLF

“The leadership team is ambitious and has high expectations for staff and pupils. Staff morale is high and leaders have established an ethos of strong teamwork. They have acted decisively to tackle weaknesses by implementing a planned programme of actions. Significant staff restructuring, a rigorous monitoring cycle of teaching and learning, and external support have already made an impact on improving the quality of teaching and on raising pupils’ achievement.” Danetree Ofsted 2012

“Senior leaders now have high expectations for the achievement of all pupils, which they communicate clearly so that all staff share a common sense of purpose and a desire to support continuing improvement. Senior leaders have an accurate view of the school’s strengths and areas for development. There has been a strong focus on improving teaching quickly to good levels, and this demonstrates good capacity for further improvement. Warlingham Village Primary Ofsted July 2013


We wish to work with like-minded schools that share GLF Schools desire to secure the best possible outcomes for children and students. Originally a single secondary academy, we are aware that successful outcomes in the primary sector are the best platform for subsequent success in the secondary sector.

Prospective GLF academies and partner schools must be committed to working alongside each other striving for school improvement across all schools. Our track record shows that Glyn, Danetree and Warlingham have changed and improved over the last two years. Our GLF Schools combined staff conferences to which teaching staff, support staff and governors across al GLF Schools are invited have been integral to the schools’ successes.

GLF Schools is willing to sponsor underperforming schools that require significant improvement and was granted sponsor status by the Office of the Schools’ Commissioner in late 2011. We are willing to discuss membership with schools aiming to move from satisfactory/requires improvement to good and from good to outstanding. In addition, we would like to work with outstanding and good schools that have the capacity to contribute to school improvement work under the auspices of GLF Schools.

To talk to us please telephone: - 020 8716 4987 option 1