New trees for Chestnut Park

Staff and pupils are delighted that new chestnut trees have been planted outside our school - adding a missing ingredient to the street scene.

The original trees, which gave the school its name, were lost when the roots were damaged but thanks to the local community and a charity, the shade of chestnut trees will once more be on offer to everyone at the school.

Charity Trees for Cities chose the site as part of its scheme to ensure urban environments benefit from the delights of trees and all the wildlife they bring - as well as offering a shield from passing traffic pollution.

Members of the school’s Pupil Parliament took part in a workshop with the charity and pupils enjoyed learning about the importance of trees and the different animals which make their home within their branches. They were also told that the trees would also help protect residents and visitors from both air and noise pollution.

“Rory, from the charity, was very impressed with the children’s knowledge of trees and habitats. They made tree wishes to hang on one of the new trees,” said  Beth Donnelly, assistant headteacher at the school, a member of the multi-academy GLF Trust.

Staff and pupils were also joined from members of the Baitussubhan Mosque and the local council for the event, which was part of a scheme to plant a dozen trees in the borough.

Trees for Cities will be watering the trees over the coming months to make sure they have the best start.