Year 7 and 8 Movie Night 2018 - Thursday, 1st February 2018 from 3.15pm

Movie night 2018 cdi

A message to Years 7 and 8 from Mr Diffley:

"After a long, cold and tiring week at school, you deserve a come to the Year 7 and 8 Movie Night!

What better way to relax after all your hard work and effort during the week than with Gru and his Minions! 

And it gets better...all money raised from the event will go DIRECTLY to Cancer Research UK!  A charity which is actively searching for a cure to Cancer! 

So, why not be a hero yourself by coming along with £2, a smile, a drink and some popcorn (preferably of the sweet variety says Mr Diffley) and watch the Minion's madness unfold?

For more information, please speak to Mr Diffley (N21) or email

Let the Minion madness manifest manically"!