Business University Trip

On Tuesday 9th January 2018 our year 9 business class travelled to Sussex university where we were given a business workshop lead by George and Annie, two lecturers. They taught us about many things and gave us tasks to help improve our teamwork. We were given a task to build a self standing structure using uncooked pasta, a piece of string, sellotape and a marshmallow. However the marshmallow must be at the top of the structure, whoever made the tallest structure was the winner. This is a very common task used in job interviews to test teamwork and problem solving.

 We then were giving a task to match definitions to the word. In this task I learnt words such as scalar scale, this means the amount of positions between the leader of the company and the person who does the work. After this we were given a quick quiz on which we had learnt so far, we managed to get high marks. Next we were giving two drinks, one was coke cola and one was Tesco’s own brand cola. Most of us guessed wrong this task was to demonstrate how companies sell things a much higher price because they have a good brand or well known

Returning from lunch we were put in groups and tasked with making our own biscuit, logo, slogan and questionnaire. This was my favourite part of the day because it really tested our teamwork, creativity, pitching and really demonstrated what it would be like to be an entrepreneur. Overall I really enjoyed the day and learned lots of things.

I learnt keywords and their meanings. Business is an organisation that sell something to make profit. Branding is the process of making a logo or unique name. Communication is two or more people exchange information using words. Marketing is the action of promoting or selling a product. Product is a substance that is manufactured for sale. Price is the amount of money expected to be paid for a product. Place is where you put your product to get it sold. Promotion is the action of making your product known. Taxation is money paid for tax. Profit is the amount of money earned after tax and purchased stock is taken from it. Supply is a stock available for use. Demand is what your costumers are requesting and want. Design is a plan on how you will make your business successful. Logo is a symbol people can use to identify your product. Slogan is a short, memorable phrase used in advertising. Advertising is the activity of creating advertisements for commercial use.