Record Breaking Result for Glyn’s Wimbledon Ball Boys!

I am delighted to let you know that, following three months of hard work and dedication, all eight of our Year 9 and Year 10 Wimbledon Ball Boy hopefuls have qualified through to the final training programme, which is the best outcome in the school’s history of Wimbledon Ball Boys!

There were 700 young people put forward by their schools for selection, of which 120 were successful. That Glyn had all eight of our boys through to the final training programme is, therefore, all the more remarkable and much of that success must be attributed to the help our boys received from Peter Gardner. Peter is a Wimbledon Ball Boy Assessor and he put our boys through their paces every Thursday for six weeks. His coaching, with hot tips and tricks for success, was invaluable.

The success is very much deserved as the students have given up every lunchtime to practise and attended rigorous after school training sessions. I have no doubt that, if they continue to work as hard throughout the training  programme as they did here at school, all eight students will make it to the most prestigious of tennis competitions in July 2018.

Successful Ball Boys: Elliott Roberts (9D), Alex Bennett (9B), Alex Neal (10B), Nathan Baptiste (10A), Ryan Purvis (10SB), Daniel Goncalves (10D), Jack Scarlett (10D) and Tommie Culver (10C).

Huge congratulations, boys!

Mr Tanner, Rackets Academy Lead