ZincStyles GCSE Art Workshop

This week GCSE students participated in an exciting street art workshop led by Danny Mendoza (ZincStyles) a professional street artist. ZincStyles delivered the workshop to GCSE Art students from years 9 to 11.

All students braved the cold but there excitement at being part of this experience kept them warm especially when it came to experimenting for themselves with spray paint and paint pens on canvas. ZincStyles taught the students a range of techniques and was able to speak about his experiences as a professional artist, a truly valuable and memorable opportunity for our students to have.

All students produced their own piece of work on canvas and Danny Mendoza praised the students for their mature approach to the workshop and how impressed he was with their creativity and skill.

I want to thank all students for being amazing ambassadors and having the courage to do something new and exciting.

Mr Edwards 2018

Head of Art and Design Technology