School Dinners for Parents!

Parents and carers were in for a treat this morning.  Coffee with Mrs Sangwine and a chance to sample the food Chartwells, our caterers, produce for our children.

Chartwells Food Tasting (11)  Chartwells Food Tasting (3)

Chartwells Food Tasting (4)  Chartwells Food Tasting (2)

Mrs Sangwine enjoyed chatting to our parents and sharing school food stories from past and present.

Chartwells Food Tasting (8)  Chartwells Food Tasting (9)  Chartwells Food Tasting (10)

Chartwells Food Tasting (6)  Chartwells Food Tasting (5)

Jaymie, our school cook, produced chicken curry and mild beef chilli, both served with rice.  Macaroni cheese was also available – a favourite with our children. Cookies and cakes followed, accompanied by a selection of fruits.  Parents sampled all the dishes and a huge thumbs up was given. 

Chartwells Food Tasting (7)

Dee, Chartwells' Area Supervisor, was available and she chatted with parents regarding healthy eating and the nutritional content of school dinners.  Also discussed was the provisions made for our children with food allergies and intolerances.  Did you know Chartwells can tailor menus to specific needs, such as gluten and dairy free meals?

A huge thank you to everyone for a really enjoyable morning.