Balenciaga Textiles Visit

Year 10 Textiles students went to the V and A to visit the main fashion displays along with the Balenciaga exhibition. All of the students were in awe of the amazing and unusual designs they saw and how very different they were to anything they had seen before. They found the sculptural pieces that Balenciaga loved to produce particularly inspiring for their current corset project and were instantly talking about the different things they could use for their own work.

Some of the students found focusing on the smaller details of each design interesting and started thinking about how this would be particularly challenging to try in class. I was incredibly proud of how focused our students were and there fantastic attitude and focus during the entire day which made for a thoroughly enjoyable experience, this has proved to be an invaluable trip for development work back in the classroom.

Mrs Bradley

Shantelle Daly- I liked seeing all of the unique designs as they helped give me inspiration for my textiles work.

Molly May Williams – It was really fun and helped me thin about my future GCSE’s.

Molly Adair- I enjoyed trying to replicate the designs.

Andrew Owusu- I enjoyed looking at the architecture in the V and A as it is unusual and this will help me with my design outlines.