Lime Tree School is great because ....

A big thank you to everybody that filled in the questionnaire in the playground at the end of January. Pupils, parents, carers, staff, members of the local community were asked to sum up Lime Tree Primary School in one word and to complete the sentence: "Lime Tree Primary School is great because..." this information has been collated and used to create a display in the office area as you enter the school. There were lots of really encouraging answers and, we think, the display looks great! Do take time to read it when you are next in.

Here are a few quotes we're proud of:

"It encourages children to explore and develop - its makes learning fun!"

"Teachers inspire a love of learning and the school's values help children be the best that they can be"

"We enjoy and strive to bring out the best in each other, pupils and staff"

"Everybody helps each other so that we can achieve the best we can"