YTA at Campaign Junction

On Monday 26th February, our Youth Travel Ambassadors (YTAs) attended a Transport for London multi-school event called 'Campaign Junction'. At Campaign Junction, students from schools around London are invited to present a pitch about their ideas for a road safety campaign which they would like to launch at their own schools, in the hope of gaining £250 of funding to support them with their campaigns.

The campaign that our YTAs are running this year is a continuation of the Walk A Mile For A Mile campaign they developed last year, centred around encouraging more active and safe pedestrian travel to and from school. This year, they will be working collaboratively with students from Fairchildes Primary this year to make it an even greater success. Our students delivered a confident and very professional pitch to a group of TfL and London Borough Council employees (as well as students and staff from other schools) and they were awarded the whole £250. The judges praised them specifically on their incredibly comprehensive and detailed presentation and were clearly very impressed with the effort they have put in to the design of their campaign so far. 

We are extremely proud of our YTAs and are very much looking forward to seeing them launch their campaign to our Meridian family later this year.