IQM Review February 2018

On Friday 23rd February the school was subject to an Inclusion Quality Mark Centre of Excellence review. The IQM Inclusive School Award recognises the ongoing commitment by schools to provide the very best education for all children irrespective of differences.  IQM Centre of Excellence status recognises those IQM Inclusive Schools which continue to demonstrate a commitment to outstanding levels of inclusive best practice.  The assessor was with us for the whole day. During her visit she was taken on a tour of the school by our School Captains, interviewed several members of staff, observed lessons and interviewed a group of children. The report that we received after the visit was extremely positive and included some lovely comments about both pupils and staff members.


Pupils spoken to were friendly, self-confident, enthusiastic and happy and were able to become involved in mature conversation about their school and their learning. They are very motivated and love their school and the rich opportunities it provides for them. They were keen to talk about what makes their school special and they explained their respect for all staff and how they encourage and help them. They also stressed the calm and very friendly atmosphere in Whyteleafe that helps them to learn. Comments from pupils about their school included, "You know everyone very well: it’s very friendly and nothing bad happens – there’s always a peaceful vibe", "You make friends, have fun and learn a lot. You also help others and that’s what makes it special"

Features of lessons observed on the day, included excellent interaction between pupils and between staff and pupils; the use of a range of resources to support learning, including a variety of maths resources and chrome books to support writing and group work with excellent support provided by teaching and support staff. In classrooms the atmosphere is very calm: children are extremely well behaved and are clearly enjoying their learning. Support staff play a vital role in the school, leading projects and clubs, planning and implementing interventions, supporting in class and providing crucial support, for pupils and their parents. In this school staff are proactive, flexible and motivated and their ideas are valued.

The recommendation of the assessor is that we continue to hold our Centre of Excellence status. If you wish to read the whole report it is under SEN in the information section of our homepage.


Emma Skipper

Inclusion and Music Leader