Heroes Walk 2018

I have had the honour and pleasure to be part of the Heroes Walk project in New Addington. A few weeks ago I had the privilege to be involved in the photoshoot for the Heroes Walk and spent Saturday with our two successful nominees  and their families. Emotions were high and the sheer pride they had to be recognised by their community was imprinted as a lasting memory for them and New Addington for the years to come.

I would like to congratulate Della Mead and Kyle Taylor for being firstly amazing young people and to be representatives of Meridian High to the wider New Addington community.

This Saturday at 3:00 pm will be the opening event for the Heroes Walk and the unveiling of their photo. If you do get the opportunity to visit please do so. I have attached their photo and would like to share with you the photographs and the invite to share with students.

Mr Edwards