Monet Tribe visit Stonehenge!

To wrap up the Year 3 topic, Tribal Tales, Monet Class were very excited to take a trip to Stonehenge.  It was a very long drive but the children were excited when they caught sight of Stonehenge.


There were lots of exhibits to explore and the English Heritage demonstrators showed the children different objects which they were allowed to handle. The children got to explore the replica stone age round houses.

DSC08167 DSC08177 DSC08188 DSC08184 Picture1 DSC08199

There was a chance to try their strength and team work and try to move a large stone using rope and wooden rollers. 


After lunch the children were met by Margaret and Dave, their guides for the afternoon.  A bus took them out on to Salisbury Plain so they could get close to Stonehenge itself.  Margaret explained how the monument was built and showed the children the things that would have been put into the barrows with the important people who were buried there.