Wheatfield's Spring Term Good News Assembly

At the end of last term, the whole school got together to celebrate the end of another busy term. Certificates were awarded to children in each class for being a 'Lead Learner' and a 'Super Learner' at the Good News Assembly.

Six children from each class were also awarded certificates for demonstrating our 'values', which are:

'Greatness Green' - Do the best you can do.

'Yes Yellow' - Be confident, happy and positive.

'Brave Blue' - Be adventurous, brave and true.

'Respectful Red' - Be respectful, good manners and look after our school.

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Attendance this term has been lower than usual however well done to Monet Class for receiving the 'Attendance' Award.

We also said goodbye to Miss Humphrey, Reception Class children presented her with a gift. She will be very much missed by all the children and staff, goodbye and good luck!

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