Know Your Onions - School Food Matters

For the second year running, students at Meridian High School are taking part in the 'Know Your Onions' project run by School Food Matters. The aim of the project is to educate young people about the value of organic food growing and healthy eating and equip them with practical skills which they can go on to use in later life. 

On Monday 23rd April, the Food Ambassadors were given the opportunity to work with a visiting Horticulturist to begin sowing seeds and planting out crop seedlings in the school's edible garden. They worked extremely hard, planting two beds of salad crops, 2 beds of root vegetables and some edible flowers. The students are very excited about the project this year and are looking forward to being able to give some of the food which they have started to grow to the school dining hall for use in the lunch service, as well as sell some of their produce at the Croydon School's Food Market in July. They will also be visiting Sutton Community Farm soon to see food growing in action on a large-scale and then later this term, they will be working with a chef to develop key cooking skills and learn how to use their produce to make healthy meals.

We look forward to updating you on their progress throughout the summer term!