Intermediate Maths Challenge Successes

31 students from Years 8, 9 and 10 sat this year’s Intermediate Maths Challenge, with six students going on to qualify for the next stage.

Adam Hunt 10O, Leon Leonard 10O, Owen Mackenzie 9C, Henry Broome 9M, Manujan Manivannan 9SB, and Hyunggyu Kim 8T all qualified for the next stage of the challenge and were among the top 5,500 students nationwide. Owen, Henry and Manujan qualified for the Grey Kangaroo (for Year 9), whilst Adam and Leon qualified for the Pink Kangaroo (for Year 10). 

Kim was one of the only 500 students nationwide who had some of the highest possible marks, enabling him to qualify for the Intermediate Maths Olympiad.

All six students went on to perform incredibly well, with Owen and Manujan both receiving a Certificate of Merit, which is only awarded to  the top 25% of students sitting the Kangaroo challenge.

Kim, who sat the Intermediate Olympiad, was one of just 50 students who had achieved the highest possible marks. He went on to achieve a medal and also received a book prize.