A day of diversity celebration

On Tuesday 26th June all of our children enjoyed a day of cultural and national diversity celebration.

The children started the day by making flags to represent the country that either themselves or their parents were from which they brought to show in assembly. The children were then split into 6 groups across the year groups and learnt a dance from around the world—Jai Ho, Korean fan dance, Japanese drumming routine, USA cheerleading, USA line dancing and New Zealand Haka.  The children performed their dances to the rest of the school and they were all amazing! The children were all very enthusiastic dance students which was fantastic to see. The children also enjoyed multicultural music throughout the day.

Lunch was a multicultural menu of vegetarian Indian curry or Chinese chicken noodles followed by Caribbean fruit and a European biscuit.


The afternoon was spent with parent visitors sharing their cultures and country origins, food tasting and other multicultural activities and Show and Tell by the children.  A big thank you to all the parents who took time to come into school and share some of their home cultures with us.


All children also have shown where they or their parents were born in a world map which is on display - it looks fantastic and can be viewed during the open afternoon on Wednesday 11th July.