Sports Day 2018

In a time-honoured tradition which takes part in schools across the country, students and staff came together for our annual Sports Day on Wednesday. Holding the event at the David Weir Leisure Centre ensures that there is the capacity for over 1,000 students to participate in the event and the venue boasts some of the best facilities in Surrey.

Students took part in a host of disciplines: seated volleyball, high jump, shot put, tug of war and javelin, to name a few. Sports Day is the single largest House event on the school calendar and the friendly rivalry between the Houses was ever present, with students cheering on their teammates and vying for the win. However, what always touches me most at Sports Day is how   students also show support for those who are not the first to cross the finish line, but who show grit and determination; students rally and cheer on any ‘under-dogs’ just as loudly as they support the winner. Of course the whole day is a competition, but what shines through is the support and encouragement that students show to each other, whichever House they may be in. It’s days like this that make us all proud to be a part of the Glyn Community.

We are grateful for the support of the Student Leadership Team and the Prefect body who undertook many tasks throughout the day with great enthusiasm and efficiency. Thank you to staff who took on numerous roles (far removed from their usual area of expertise!) to ensure the smooth running of events. We are also grateful to parents and carers for transporting students to and from the David Weir Leisure Centre on Wednesday – thank you.

On behalf of the whole school, I would like to thank the PE department for organising and delivering another superb Sports Day. Special thanks must go to Mr Martin, Head of PE and Games, for his meticulous planning of such a large event; the photos of students enjoying the day is testament to his dedication to Sports Day.

Marion Meadows, Publicity Officer