Croydon School's Food Market

Our Food Ambassadors finished off this academic year by attending the Croydon School's Food Market where they sold a range of produce which they have been growing in our edible garden.

The students sold a range of items using fresh produce from the garden, including homemade courgette and carrot muffins, lavender biscuits, salad pots, flavoured water and potato salad. The produce sold out extremely quickly and the students impressed us all with their sales techniques! Members of the public, as well as the Mayor of Croydon and Councillor Woodley, representative of the New Addington ward, commented on how brilliantly the students had presented their produce and how fresh and delicious it all looked.

The students raised over £60 in total, which has already gone straight back in to buying seeds and gardening tools ready for next year's growing season.