Rosebery A Level Success

Students at Rosebery School are celebrating another set of exceptional A level results with a third of the grades at A and A*.

A total of 14 students at the Epsom school, a member of the GLF multi-academy trust, achieved A* and A grades across the board.

Headteacher Ros Allen said: “We are thrilled that once again the hard work and dedication of our students and staff have been rewarded by such fantastic results, particularly in the context of the greater rigour and challenge of the new A Level qualifications.”

Among those celebrating top grades were: Rachel (A*A*AA), Andrea (A*A*AA) Georgia (A*A*A), Zoe (A*A*A) and Izzy (A*A*A).

“Overall 82 per cent of students achieved A*-C grades and these excellent outcomes have ensured that students from Rosebery are once again taking up places on  prestigious university courses and on apprenticeships across the country,” added Mrs Allen.

Student Imogen is off to Leeds to study Law after getting three As in English, History and Psychology.

“They were my predicted grades but I didn’t think I would get them,” she said.
“But I started early and was as organised as I could be. Believe in yourself, look after your mental health and talk to your friends,” is her top tip for successful study.

Faye, got three As, in Maths, French and Spanish, and is going to Leeds to study French and Maths.

“This was the first year for the new A level in French and Spanish so I didn’t know if I was going to get As, but I did hope I was on track” she said.

“I tried not to overwork. It just sets you back and makes you more stressed. Just do what you can.”

Faye added: “I felt so happy and relieved when I realised my results were good enough to get into Leeds.”

Georgia, got A* in Chemistry and Biology and an A in Physics and will become the first member of her family to go to university. She will go to The University of East Anglia in Norwich to study Medicine and hopes to become a hospital doctor.

“I was predicted high grades and I was expecting to do well at Chemistry, but not so much the other subjects,” she said.

Izzy, gained two A*, in Chemistry and Biology, and one A, in Maths. She has a place at Liverpool to study Medicine.

“I needed three As to get my place and I wasn’t sure I would get them,” she said.

“I wasn’t going to apply as my earlier test results hadn’t been that good and I didn’t want to be disappointed, but I applied anyway – and the results are quite a surprise. I feel amazing; it hasn’t sunk in yet.”

Her sister is a nurse so she predicts some light-hearted family competition.

Rosalind, is going to study Social Policy at Bristol University after better than expected exam results.

“I was predicted to get B, B and C but needed to get A, B, B,” she said. “I got A*, A, A!”

Her A level subjects were English Literature, Law and Sociology. “I didn’t think this result was even possible!” she said.

“I did work really hard – I worked 12-hour days and my exams were always on my mind. It was really tough but I didn’t think this was possible – I just can’t believe it.”

Scarlett, achieved As in Chemistry and Maths, and a B in Fine Art. She is going to Exeter to study Maths.

“I’m so happy,” she said. “I can’t believe I got an A in Chemistry. When I started studying it I hated it; I didn’t do well in my first exams and was going to drop it but by the end, I loved it. My teachers were great and I managed to pull it out of the bag.”

Scarlett said her success was down to asking the teachers lots; “Don’t be afraid to ask teachers things; use them,” is her advice.

Her maths teacher, Ben Sheffield, said: “Scarlett’s work ethic sets her apart. The effort she put in was phenomenal and in one module she got full marks.”