9 reasons why you should choose Meridian High

We are all proud of our recent GCSE achievements and look forward to working with new students and their families who are all very welcome to our amazing community.
Our open evening is on Wednesday, September 19, and there are so many good reasons that you should choose Meridian High School - here are just nine of them:
We are a school that lives as a family

We believe every child has the potential to achieve amazing academic success

We put kindness at the heart of everything we do for each child

We teach challenging, engaging and personalised lessons so that our students learn well

We provide each student with a broad and balanced knowledge based curriculum

We care deeply about the happiness, safety and wellbeing of every child

We equip each student with the skills they need to build successful futures and become well rounded members of society

We provide students with amazing extra-curricular and enrichment opportunities

We are proud to serve our amazing local community