Royal Marines and Royal Navy Food and Nutrition Demonstration

On Tuesday 16 October representatives from the Royal Marines and Royal Navy visited Glyn School to talk to GCSE Food Preparation and Nutrition students about nutrition and healthy eating.

Staged in The Proctor Hall, we were delighted to meet two male representatives from the Royal Marines and Royal  Navy: Mike and Charlie. These two brilliant and engaging men told us about their lives in the Forces, their unforgettable experiences and what they did to survive; what they did to keep strength and energy alive, even when on the battle field!

Mike provided us with an engaging demonstration, cooking and preparing ingredients that are needed for an exquisite dish, which he named ‘Chicken Crème Fraiche’. The dish included onions, courgettes, peas, peppers, mushrooms, spinach and garlic, as well as chicken, chicken stock, mustard and yoghurt. While he was cooking, Mike engaged with not only us, but the teachers also, by throwing in some jokes and stories from his past which delightfully triggered a joyful element to the practical. Furthermore, he gave us the opportunity to ask many respectful questions about him, his time fighting, saving lives and keeping himself and colleagues alive. He showed us examples of food products that he used and how to prepare them, explaining the importance of good nutrition for our Forces.

Charlie also gave us an insight into his background, sharing where he came from, his family and all countless places he had been to around the world.  “You name it, I’ve been there,” he mentioned. Charlie also spoke about the roles, commitment and training   needed to be able to become a member of this challenging, courageous team. 

After the talk, Year 10 students were privileged to be able to   participate in a practical session, during which we recreated the dish that we saw being made in the earlier talk. The practical was outstandingly run by the Marines themselves, with them helping us and complimenting our cooking.

Once the practical was successfully completed, Mike and Charlie allowed us to eat our appetising meal as we asked more about their experiences. To close the magnificent visit, Mike and Charlie asked all of us what we want to be in the future. This was a great way to make us think and re-think what we see ourselves doing in the future, providing much food for thought.

Ameer, 10 Abbey