Oxbridge Assistance from Former Head Boy

Year 13 Oxbridge applicants were privileged to spend two hours with former Head Boy, Jack Pepper, recently.

Jack received a place at Oxford University to read Music in September 2017. We learnt about the importance of individuality in a personal statement and how it is used by universities to gauge the potential of future students. Jack made his passion for Music clear to Oxford University during the first term of Year 13 by personally contacting professors there. He quizzed them on his personal queries in what would benefit him when trying to pursue his Music career further, clearly demonstrating the inquisitive nature that is necessary when competing for these top places.

This was a very useful workshop, as it has given us an insight into the key qualities that these top universities, particularly Oxbridge, are looking for. We are extremely grateful to Jack Pepper for his time and patience in reading and offering his advice to us about our personal statements on hindsight to his application.

Liv, 13A