Music for Youth 2018 Proms

'Voices of Aureus' formed at the beginning of September 2018, our brand new school choir.

Ms Powell, Aureus' new Music teacher started off the season of rehearsals with a bang by telling the students that they would be taking part in the 'Music for Youth' 2018 Proms at The Royal Albert Hall as a Buddy Ensemble. Everyone was very excited and couldn't wait to start their rehearsals. We had to learn two songs, 'This is me' from the Greatest Showman and a song called 'In Calem Fero,' written by Carl Jenkins. We were lucky enough to learn Makaton for 'This is me.'

We traveled to The Royal Albert Hall on Wednesday 7th November and arrived in awe at the great big building. We were joined by 500 other students from around Oxfordshire and began our rehearsal. We were so excited to be performing in such an old and historic building along with so many talented young musicians.

The evening began and we watched on in admiration of all the incredible young musicians performing on stage. We performed straight after the interval. The impact was incredible. There were lots of happy tears. One thousand young people performed that night with many students with special educational needs. It made us realise how we are all the same and we were grateful to all perform together. It was an experience of a lifetime and one we will never forget!