Year 5 - Science Museum Trip

On Friday 2nd November, Year 5 went to the Science Museum to further our learning about our Year 5 topics so far - To The Stars and Poles Apart. First, we looked at the Apollo 10 Command Module, which was used as a dress rehearsal for the Apollo 11 mission (the first successful moon landing). We then attended a workshop called Feel the Force, where we learnt all about Newton’s three laws of motion. Some of the other forces we learnt about were magnetism, friction, air resistance and water resistance (with the help of Phil the frog)! After that, we went into the Wonderlab which was so much fun! There were lots of different experiments that we got to try. For one of them, we got to go on giant slides as part of an experiment for friction. We had to go down three different slides all made from different types of material whilst sitting on a rug. These included fake grass, plastic and wood. This was definitely our favourite part!


Written by Mila and Susannah, Riordan