Highdown Riverside School

GLF Schools, a multi academy trust based across the South East, has submitted an application to the Department for Education to open a new secondary school in North Reading. Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre has worked closely with the Trust to put together a proposal that would see a shared leadership team across the two schools delivering a high quality educational offer to the community of North Reading and beyond. The next stage is for the Trust to be invited to attend an interview with the Department for Education. If we are successful, the new school is likely to open in 2021.

Reading Borough Council has earmarked land at Richfield Avenue suitable for a 900-place secondary school, in recognition of the need for places in the area from 2021 onwards. The Council invited a number of Trusts to express an interest in putting forward a proposal for the new school. GLF Schools has named the new school ‘Highdown Riverside’ to reflect the partnership with Highdown and the proposed location of the new school.

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Highdown School and Sixth Form Centre is currently the only school serving the community of North Reading and is heavily over-subscribed each year. Highdown Riverside will benefit from the experienced Highdown team but will develop its own distinctive ethos and vision to ensure that Reading families have an increased choice of provision for their children.

GLF Schools comprises primary and secondary schools across Oxfordshire, Wokingham, Surrey, West Sussex and Croydon, and has a strong track record of opening new schools, including Aureus School in Didcot. A new secondary school in Reading will deliver real benefits to students and staff, given its location between the Trust’s Wokingham and Oxfordshire schools.

An information event is being held at 6pm on Monday 26 November at Highdown School. Prospective families are invited to come along and hear more about the proposal and about GLF Schools.