House Music Results

Last night saw the finalists of the House Music Competition gather in The Proctor Hall for what is always a wonderful evening. 

The event was well attended and the audience were treated to a wide selection of truly fantastic, and at times inspirational, musical delights. It was great to see so many Year 7 students involved in the evening, with the eventual winner of the Year 7 Form choir deemed to be 7 Derby. A special mention goes to Samuel 7D who was the only Year 7 student to deliver a solo performance: a Grade 4 piano piece. Some of the musical pieces played were extremely complex, none less so than Prelude in G Minor by Jamie 13M2 on the piano.

Although there could have been a number of winners, the judges had to make their final decisions, and so our winning students were:

Lower School:              Michael 9C

Upper School:             James 11T

Ensemble:                   Charlie 10D and Owen 10C

Original composition:  C3 (George 13B, Sam 13C and Sam 13SB)

Overall Winner:          Kaleb 13 Oaks 2

Obviously, events like this would not be possible if it were not for the fantastic hard work and efforts of our dedicated staff. I would like to thank all staff who were involved in making this event a success, but particularly Mrs Davis, Mr Cooke, Ms Harris and Mr McShane.

Events such as these always remind me how much talent we have at Glyn School and how privileged we are to work with such exceptional students.

Mr Ward, Associate Headteacher