Doors open at Kilnwood Vale Primary School

We officially opened our doors at Kilnwood Vale Primary School this morning and it is a very exciting day for all of us.

The first group of children is a class of 30 reception pupils as well as a nursery class of 20 between the ages of two and four. Once at full capacity, our state-of-the-art school will provide places for 420 new pupils across two forms and a nursery class.

We are pleased to welcome our new children and we are delighted to see them settling in so well. GLF Schools is committed to inspiring children through our focus upon strong leadership and instilling a joy for learning; our new school provides the perfect setting.

Our school is home to more than two hectares of open space including a football pitch, multi-use game areas and extensive playing fields. We also have a dedicated wildlife area, including a pond and wild flower meadow for our children to enjoy learning and leisure activities.

Both the school and associated nursery are designed with the growing community in mind, with plans set out to expand to three classes per year group as more people move to the area.

Built by Crest Nicholson in partnership with leading education contractor, Wilmott Dixon, the school is a welcome addition to the growing Fayegate community.