IT Services

Our IT division has grown considerably since September 2014 when we supported only three schools’ systems including our own. Today we have in excess of forty schools purchasing our IT Support Services, 62% of the schools we support are non GLF Schools.   

With an ever increasing team and continued growth we are able to extend the range of services available to our schools. In addition to this we have formed a number of key strategic partnerships to ensure we provide the best possible service and solutions within a competitive market place.

Whole School Help Line

We offer a helpline with no limit to the number of support requests, unlike many other suppliers we are open for telephone support from 07:30 until 17:00 Monday to Friday or anytime by email, online, or via the service desk portal. Our service is not just limited to technical staff, but is a whole school help line available for technicians, teachers and administration staff. 

Once a call is logged the team assess the issue and then either fix it if possible, or pass the call to an appropriately skilled team member who can advise on a resolution. Staff can track the status of their call by logging into the portal.

Support calls will be assessed by our engineers and responses prioritised as follows during normal business hours as part of our standard SLA:   

Priority                First Response                 Resolution Plan             

Low                       1.00 hour(s)                         End of day
Medium                 0.45 hour(s)                         End of day
High                      0.30 hour(s)                         2.50 hour(s)
Critical                  0.20 hour(s)                         0.40 hour(s)

Monthly Reports

A single monthly report shows you how well your IT service is performing. Our schools appreciate the accountability of reporting, as well as the opportunity to forward plan IT replacements and improvements. In addition to this a telephone review meeting is held each half term with an assigned member of the team.

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Emergency Server Response

It is rare for a well maintained server to crash, but if it does, the impact on a school can be catastrophic. We offer an exceptionally fast response as part of our service to schools when responding to an outage, from remote support to onsite engineers to protect your systems. In addition, our remote backup service protects your critical school data.

Remote Pro-Active Checks

Our remote pro-active checks form a fundamental part of our service. To ensure your network is functioning we monitor the status and health of your server infrastructure morning and night. Alerts will flag issues with backups, disk space, printers and server responsiveness, reducing downtime and disruption of your critical systems.

Issues identified will be fixed remotely if possible, and logged on our IT Service Desk. Should additional support be required to fix the issue, the school IT lead will be notified to decide on an appropriate course of action.

Strategic Review & Vision Development

Our consultants will review your network periodically to ensure that it is up to date and providing a cost effective solution to your needs. Forward planning is key to a successful system, which is why we help our schools to develop a strategic vision for the future.

We can share our knowledge and expertise to help deliver transformational IT solutions to meet the current and future needs of your school.

Onsite Engineer

Our engineers are well-trained, well-presented, offering a friendly helping hand and approachable service for any ICT issue. They will be mainly responsible for user device issues and AV, maintaining printers, projectors and hardware, however we offer a flexible service and as such you can ask them to complete any reasonable IT task at any time. We believe in continuity and having a familiar face is important as it builds relationships and trust, so we provide the same engineer or combination of engineers where possible.

Ofsted Support

We appreciate the importance of a successful Ofsted inspection, which is why we can be onsite for the length of an inspection to work alongside your team ensuring your IT is nothing short of outstanding.


Our team has the experience and contacts to ensure you get best value from any IT purchase,. Use our dedicated team to obtain a quote for a project or individual purchase on your behalf. This extends to software licensing, structured cabling, AV installation, and managed wireless and computer replacement. Licence and warranty management is provided free as part of our procurement service.

Remote Backup

We recognise the importance of backing up your data and provide a fully managed service, monitoring your backup daily. The initial installation of the backup software is installed by a technical engineer, so you can have complete confidence that all your important files are being backed up correctly. Your data is fully encrypted, stored and replicated in military grade data centres across the UK.

Managed Wi-Fi Solutions

With the introduction of iPads, tablets and laptops to the classroom, there has never been a more important time to ensure you have effective wireless solutions in your school, especially with BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) schemes. Strong, safe and reliable Wi-Fi coverage is a vital requirement for schools embracing digital learning in classrooms.

We offer a fully managed enterprise level cloud solution to guarantee superior performance with scalability at the forefront of the design and implementation process. This ensures your investment is protected, providing support for new devices and changes in technology.

ID card design and print

Our design studio can design ID cards with your school logo and colours, with an exceptionally quick turnaround available. Designs can also include additional information such as DBS number and job title. All of our printed cards come with lanyards and holders as standard.

Design Studio

We know that your school branding makes a significant impact, our design studio is able to assist by providing the followed dedicated design services:

Logo design

Prospectus design


Exhibition displays


Technology for Learning

Our dedicated technology for learning lead can assist in developing a vision for improving the use of technology to support learning and teaching, ensuring that new and existing devices and applications are being used to their full potential. Training on the use of iPads, Android Tablets, Chromebooks and Interactive Whiteboards is available.

Google Apps for Education forms a significant part of the vision for GLF Schools and as such our technology for learning lead is a Google Education Certified Innovator and Trainer, which means delivering sessions at numerous events across the world including Stockholm, Zurich, New Hampshire and Doha.

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