Behaviour Support


Using The Thrive Approach To Promote Emotional Well-being and Outstanding Behaviour.

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We know that children need to feel safe and happy at school in order to make progress in their lessons and to fulfil their potential. GLF schools strongly recommend using the Thrive Approach in EYFS settings and primary schools to support the children as they learn to think about their emotions, choices and friendships so that they are able to develop into confident, skilful young people who enjoy learning and respect each other.

AngerOur GLF Behaviour Support Lead is an accredited Thrive Trainer, meaning we can offer Thrive Practitioner courses and C.P.D. for all local Primary Schools, Nurseries and Children’s Centres. Within GLF we already have more than twenty highly skilled and experienced members of staff who have successfully trained to become licensed Thrive Practitioners.


In the same way schools offer additional support for children who are finding literacy or maths challenging, the Thrive Practitioners support children who need more targeted intervention when something has knocked them off track emotionally or to improve their behaviour.Danetree  Thrive Room

Wherever possible the Practitioner will work alongside parents and teachers to assess individual children and create action plans for both home and school.

Thrive is a whole school approach, benefitting all the children not just those who are vulnerable or at risk of exclusion.  Every class is assessed by their teachers twice a year, this enables them to plan P.S.H.E. lessons and Circle Times which are personalised for the needs of their pupils. Case studies have shown steady and sustained improvements in the attendance and behaviour of key children, enabling teachers to focus on the teaching & learning in their classes.

Marden Lodge  Thrive RoomThe Thrive Approach uses and applies the latest research about neuroscience, attachment, creativity, play and child development. Our sense of well-being relies on us being safe, feeling special and having our needs met. These things are the foundation of a good internal “stress management system,” enabling us to be resilient and to calm down quickly after experiencing powerful emotions rather than reacting explosively. Thrive Practitioners are specially trained to help children to express their feelings safely through arts and play, to recognise a range of emotions, to develop a good stress management system and to support any child who needs to change disruptive, inappropriate or unsafe behaviours.


To find out how to access Thrive Practitioner courses in Surrey please contact Fiona Jarman:    

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