Science at GLF Schools

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    ‘Phiz Labs’ and Ogden Trust Partnerships

    In 2016, with funding and support from The Ogden Trust ( three GLF Primary Schools (Hillcroft, Cordwalles and Danetree) have set up their own dedicated science laboratories. These ‘Phiz Labs’ provide a special and exciting space for the teaching and learning of Science. They are an excellent resource not only for the host schools but for all schools within the Multi Academy Trust, who are able to access and use their facilities. There are currently less than 20 ‘Phiz Lab’s in the whole country and we are delighted to be one of the beneficiaries of this fantastic initiative. In addition to the above, GLF are continuing to work with The Ogden Trust on a number of other initiatives. The Trust will be providing ongoing funding (for the next 3 years) to support teacher training and a range of inspirational outreach activities and events including a fantastic Primary Science Day at the University of Surrey on Wednesday 1st March 2017.

    Primary Science Teaching Trust Partnership

    GLF has been selected by the Primary Science Teaching Trust ( ) to be a beneficiary of an exciting new initiative. Over the next five years the PSTT will provide funding to GLF primary schools to enable them to work together to develop their Science teaching and learning and to share best practise. Teachers at GLF Primary schools will receive training in the latest science teaching techniques and will have preferential access to a range of PSTT resources. An additional grant of £5000 from the PSTT will enable our network of schools to create resource hubs of the latest, cutting edge scientific equipment which all schools will be able to use.     

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